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Echemi Europe B.V.
Echemi Europe B.V. provides digital solutions on supply chain of food and nutrition ,designed for customers in Europe. We provide buyers with efficient online options.  Products will be stored at local warehouse in the  Netherlands, real-time location and stock quantity will be visible online.
6 ranges of food and nutrition product on including Amino Acid,Natural Preservative,Nutrition,Plant Protein,Sugar Substitute and Vitamin. It is expected that stock products will reach up to 100 SKUs including high-end products such as NMN.

All goods on ECHEMI EUROPE B.V. are offered with certificates,including Halal and Kosher. All quality control files are clearly visible on specific product page. As a member, 10 free samples will be gained every year.

We supervise the whole supply chain service, from transportation to logistic, making sure that ample products of high-quality will be sent to the customers in the shortest time. At the same time, we supervise the product quality and ensure the true origin of products, providing customers with reliable certificates. Echemi Europe B.V. will offer full supply chain services.

From shipment schedule, transportation costs, the delivery address, to the logistics. Echemi Europe B.V. will be responsible for all the above. What a customer needs to do is just selecting the product both in favorable quality and price, and waiting for Echemi Europe to deliver the goods to the door. 
About Echemi Group
Echemi —— The name originated from the abbreviation of “E-commerce of chemical”. Echemi Group is a chemical supply chain service company headquartered in Hong Kong, providing chemical raw materials, research and analysis,digital solutions,marketing, distribution, logistics, e-commerce and after-sales services.

Echemi Europe B.V. is a branch company of Echemi Group providing digital solutions on supply chain of food and nutrition in Europe.

Echemi Group Ranked 66 in ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors in 2020. At present, the product ranges mainly cover paint & coating, food & nutrition, fine chemical, pharmaceutical. In the next decade, Echemi will focus on supply chain services, resources optimization and management efficiency, providing better products and services.